CEO and Sales Leadership Considerations Before Launching an Inside Sales Team [Blog and Video]

For many organizations the Field Sales or outside sales remains dominant for obvious reason, the primary focus is the complexity of the solution or service, which requires technical expertise, multiple touch points, and lengthy cycles. However, inside sales continue to grow and making an incursion in many tech organizations as a low cost of sale and a very effective go-to-market strategy. In their quest to reach the market quickly many companies jump the gun when launching an Inside Sales team. They often overlook the fact that it takes a great deal of time and preparation to build a team, process, and systems, not to mention other resources that need to be in place for it to be successful.

Before launching your Inside Sales team, CEOs along with their senior management must see value in the initiative, and understand the roles involved and the resources required. Additionally, that group must have realistic expectations about what the team will contribute toward the business and in what time frame. Make sure that you can answer each of the questions below before building your own Inside Sales lead generation team.

NextStage recommends the following checklist to ensure that your inside sales effort has the highest probability for success.

The executive team should ensure that all items are checked off and the Inside Sales leader should ensure that the executive team is following through on the checklist.

  • ____   Have you and your executive team discussed, prioritized, and approved this effort as a corporate initiative?
  • ____   Have you set quantitative goals for this Inside Sales initiative?
  • ____   Are you planning to hire a leader to manage this group and is he/she committed to this venture and goals?
  • ____   Have you communicated the importance of this initiative to the entire sales and marketing organization? If so, are they onboard with its importance?
  • ____   If you have an Inside Sales leader. Have you commissioned him/her the development of a work plan to launch this Initiative?
  • ____   Have you approved the resources that will be necessary to execute the plan.
  • ____   Is your inside sales leader ready to take a seat at the revenue table and committed to reporting the results to us weekly and quarterly, and we know what to expect.
  • ____   As part of your plan have you conducted the math of how many Inside Sales reps you need to hire to meet plan for the monthly, quarterly and yearly goals?

Depending on your answers, you will have to determine your readiness to tackle this endeavor. When properly implemented the Inside Sales organization can represent a growth engine to help you achieve territory coverage, market penetration and results. NextStage, LLC. has been working with sales organizations to optimize existing Inside Sales team or implement a new team from the ground up.