Three Areas Where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Making a Huge Impact in Inside Sales

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a rapid incursion in sales, especially Inside Sales where a significant amount of information is collected inside the organization, from the customer, account executives, inside sales representative, also outside the organization from third-party tools that are aggregating information from companies. Many new vendors are coming to the forefront of Inside Sales to optimize workflows, accelerate the outreach process, improve engagement, and more. AI is now becoming the Inside Sales Representative best friend.

Here is how AI is helping Inside Sales Professionals:

  • Inside Sales Personal Assistant: Inside Sales professionals can now use technology to create custom and interactive sales guides, manage playbooks, and structure their sales phone calls. Other areas where Inside Sales are leveraging their personal assistants are chatbots that use natural language processing and predictive analytics to assist Inside sales with tasks like lead qualification, meetings scheduling, and data entry.
  • Forecasting: Inside Sales Leaders face the daunting challenge of trying to predict where their team’s total sales numbers will fall each quarter. Using an AI algorithm, managers are now able to predict with a high degree of accuracy next quarter’s revenue
  • Managing for Performance: Every month, sales managers have to assess the revenue pipelines of each of their salespeople with an eye towards nurturing deals that might stall, or worse, fall through. Using AI, sales managers can now use dashboards to visually see which salespeople are likely to hit their quotas along with which outstanding deals stand a good chance of being closed. This will allow a manager to focus their attention on key salespeople and associated deals that will help the company hit their quota.

What is next for executives and leaders?

According to Salesforce’s latest State of Sales report, sales leaders expect their AI adoption to grow faster than any other technology. Salesforce also found that high-performing teams are 4.9X more likely to be using AI than underperforming ones.

It’s essential for executives and sales leaders to get acquainted with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sales. Once this takes place, organizations can go from theory to practice to develop a competitive advantage with AI and not get left behind or made obsolete when the competition starts using AI. There is an ongoing debate about the role of humans and machines. I think that there will be a continued role for both, but the dynamics are changing. The capabilities of the tools are increasing, which enables them to take on more of the workload. However, machines alone cannot solve every problem.