Accelerate Adoption of Your Training Investment: Tips for Frontline Managers

Let’s face it, the role of the frontline manager is not easy. You are responsible for a group of salespeople, managing pipeline, interacting with other departments, and ensuring that you and the team are delivering on the results. Not an easy task. One of the most important roles the frontline manager will have is to enable their team by reinforcing the training concepts and the skills they have learned. Although the learning process is the responsibility of each member of the organization, the frontline manager plays an important role in helping facilitate, inspire, and provide reinforcement. The ultimate goal is to enhance this skill set and increase the ability of each individual to be successful throughout the sales process.

So how do we help frontline managers enable their team through reinforcement of the skills learned in the classroom?

Below you will find some tips that can help the frontline manager achieve their sales training reinforcement goals with your team.

Commitment to reinforcement. This might sound simple, but without commitment from you and each member of your team, the reinforcement of training concepts will not take place. It is important to develop a comprehensive sales enablement program of reinforcement. You can begin by marking your calendars with the milestones that you want to achieve.

Leverage data to focus on specific skills. Your sales dashboards will provide you with the insights of the area of improvement. A closer look at your data will provide you the answers on specific areas the team needs help on the front-end of the call cycle advancing through the middle of the call cycle or closing. Map your training and reinforcement on those specific skills and the needs of specific members of your team.

Focus on outcomes. Each reinforcement session conducted on a regular basis should focus on one or two skills at a time. When these are skills are reinforced, you will observe better interactions and a higher level of confidence from your team members when dealing with customers.

Celebrate success. Let’s face it. Your sales team has a big responsibility to achieve big numbers. It is your responsibility to inspire individuals to improve their skills through reinforcement, and help them capture the vision that reinforcement will improve their outcomes.

Accountability is key. Keep a log and leverage your LMS to ensure that improvement has been made. After each coaching session, challenge each team member to focus on practicing their skills and review this during the session. This will help them form a habit and create a pattern of change. Additionally, review the commitments with your team members regularly. This will serve as a platform for improvement.

Partner with the provider and leverage technology. Your sales training provider most likely has a very comprehensive set of classes already designed on an e-learning format. These courses focus on specific skills, reinforcement and testing. You can invite each team member to participate, learn, review and practice these skills. Review the outcome of each class with your team members, set goals, challenge them, and review it again the next time.

The mobile platform is another way you can learn and reinforce on the go. Reps can listen to modules while waiting for the train, at the airport, or while driving to an appointment at the office. Mobile eLearning provides the ability for reps to learn, practice and commit to the enhancement of the skills. Review the results with each team member during your next one-on-one session, coach for reinforcement, and remember to inspect what you expect.

Your commitment to reinforce sales training concepts will give you and your organization significant dividends. Each team member will see their skill improve, ultimately providing better results for your organization. In fact, industry analyst Aberdeen Group reported that 20% more sales reps achieve quota when their team implements post-training reinforcement. What does this mean for you and your organization? Following the tips for sales training reinforcement success will help you prioritize the skills you want your reps to develop in order to succeed, grow pipelines and close more sales.