How to Accelerate Adoption of Your Sales Training Investment

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You just invested a significant amount of money in sales training. How do you ensure that you get a good return on your sales training investment? Many successful organizations are leveraging technology to reinforce training and development of their reps. But how do you go about it?  

Mark Your Calendar
Develop a calendar of training reinforcement sessions. The adoption of a calendar will allow you to dedicate a specific time of the year for training reinforcement. Some organizations set up time to review concepts, reinforce sales processes, and train their team for uniformity during the quarterly business reviews (QBRs). Other organizations prefer to do it twice a year, the first one during the kick-off and the second during the summer mini-kickoff. These large gatherings allow you the time to interact with your reps, and to reinforce specific sales concepts. Making the effort to mark things on the calendar is the first step.   

Leverage Your Learning Management System
Leverage your company’s Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure specific concepts are being reinforced. Also, leverage your training provider’s LMS. They provide a significant amount of content online as part of the subscription to their training model. Dedicating time on a regular basis to utilize your company’s LMS and its resources will help reinforce these concepts and accelerate the adoption your sales training. 

Review Data & Dashboards
Review your dashboards and your data to understand a specific area where you need reinforcement. Looking at data for your reps will allow you to zoom in on very specific areas of training. Some reps will need reinforcement on opening statements, others on overcoming objections, while others may need reinforcement on closing. Looking at your data allows you to hold yourself and your reps accountable for their training in specific areas.  

Hold Your Team Accountable
Everyone is responsible for training. However, the frontline manager plays a key role in the reinforcement of the concepts learned during your sales training. During your weekly business reviews (one-on-one) you can identify areas that need reinforcement and coaching. Along with the reps, you can set some goals in specific areas of improvement, place them on the calendar, and plan for inspection and accountability the next time both of you meet.

Partner with Your Provider
Work with your sales enablement organization to map training reinforcement milestones. One of the most effective ways to reinforce concepts is to focus on specific concepts on a regular basis. For example, regularly check the information; test for comprehension, application and inspection by the frontline manager responsible for inspecting the dashboards; and review improvement and adoption.

Challenge Your Team

After each reinforcement session, set stretch goals and challenge your team members to focus on one specific skill on which they need to improve. Regular reinforcement and observation of your reps will allow you to coach in the moment, making these sessions more effective.       

Finally, inspect what you expect. As frontline manager and leader, it is important that you inspect the training concepts the team just learned. Repetition is the law of learning, and reinforcement will lead to the adoption of new and correct habits. 

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