Don’t Count Calls, Count Customer Engagements

People at the meeting, handshake

Inside sales has become the driving force and preferred go-to-market strategy for many technology companies. In fact, the proliferation of inside sales is such that it has moved to all industries, including manufacturing, insurance, finance, pharmacy and more.

Along with the expansion of inside sales have come many great opportunities for individuals to jump into a great industry. Many of these sales leaders continue to measure calls. Yes, calls are important. However, an advanced sales process organization blends calls, email, social selling, and technological interaction to reach their customers. And when it comes to measuring, the most important thing to gauge is not the number of interactions, but rather the level of engagement you are achieving with your ideal customer.

Here are some ideas:

Measuring Phone Calls

When measuring calls, ask yourself, “Are these calls leading to conversations with clients?” If that is not the case, it is time to review your messaging and the approach your reps are having with each interaction. This includes leaving voicemail messages that are effective. Before making your call, your reps should conduct pre-call planning, which includes understanding the customer’s needs, their company and their market. This information will allow you to customize your message and value proposition in order to craft your opening lines or leave a compelling voicemail message.

Measuring Email

Email is also a preferred method to reach out to your customer. Here are some questions to ask as you weigh its success. Are you personalizing your message? Is your message leading to a positive click-to-open rate? Are you getting responses? If your answer is no, it is time to review your message, your playbook, and your cadence of engagement to ensure that you are adding value with each interaction. A good email message illustrates that you understand your customer’s industry, any of their challenges, and should bring them value.

Measuring Social Selling

Social selling. This is a format that has been added to the menu and portfolio of all inside sales organizations. Do you currently have a digital sales strategy in place? If the answer is no, it is time for you to rethink that way you’re approaching your selling strategy. Many sales organizations are working in alignment with marketing organizations to deliver value and a uniform message to the client from all channels, including social channels. Inside Sales organizations that have properly adopted Social Selling as part of their Digital Selling approach reach customers in an orchestrated manner, blending the social aspect with call, emails, and voicemails that include insights, value and understanding of the customer industry and trends.  This insightful information elevates the value of the interaction, leading to a favorable customer engagement.

At the end of the day, all your interactions with your client need to have the following things in mind: One, awareness of your brand and how you provide a solution to their problems. And two, engagement with your client, so they can see your solution as the preferred option to solve their problems.

The next time you look at your dashboard and look at the activity from your reps, ask yourself this question, “Is all this activity leading to customer engagement and customer interaction?” The data can give you insights into areas where you might need some improvement in training your sales reps, reviewing your messaging, and analyzing your tactics for customer acquisition.