A Tale of an 11-Mile Run. Lessons on Listening to Your Customer, and Customer Engagement

A photograph of a man after finishing a 11-miles run

Just a short while ago on a cold Saturday morning, I went for a run. As expected, the temperature was starting to drop and some flurries began to come down. I knew that my 11-mile run was going to be a test of endurance, discipline, commitment and determination. It’s not easy to run in those conditions, but knowing that a bigger goal was in front of me, I decided to trek forward and make it happen. But, brrrr it was cold.

Twitter screenshot of a post about run


Upon completing my run, I went to my car and grabbed my phone and recorded a short video, sending it to the social sphere via twitter. Shortly after my stretch and cool down (which should have been a “warm up”), I received a tweet from Yasso® Frozen Yogurt:

I chuckled to myself. Where was the tweet for hot chocolate?! However, I took away some valuable lessons from this interaction:

1.      Follow Your Ideal Customer: If you want to expand your business, you need to leverage your social interaction with your customers and follow each one of them. Your customer leaves a digital footprint that can be leveraged in your sales process. Know when they are running!

2.      Offer Value From The Beginning: In the case of Yasso® Frozen Yogurt, they started with a hook by referencing my passion for running. They tweeted, “Your run deserves a treat!” Then, they added value to their interaction by saying, “Try a protein packed #Yasso & recover w/savings.” Wow! I thought. One of the things that runners do after they come back from a run is cool down and immediately seek a nutritious food and drink to recover. They knew that protein is key to that recovery process. They offered value.

3.      Call to Action: Finally, as part of adding value to the interaction with me (their ideal customer) they offered a coupon. Although I didn’t immediately reply to their call to action (“the coupon”) and to go to the store, I did go home to warm up, turned on my tablet and printed the coupon.

Twitter screenshot - coupon for frozen yogurt

4.      Engagement: I replied to their tweet, and after printing their coupon, I went to the store and treated myself to a delicious, nutritious, protein rich Yasso® Frozen Yogurt bar, despite the fact that it was snowing. The value of the bar trumped the weather conditions.

There are multiple ways to reach your ideal clients, and one of them is to engage them through the social channels. My experience with this 11-mile run was a great example of things we can do to engage our ideal client. There are also several ways to listen to our customers, and the social channels are just one way we can stay tuned for potential opportunities. The question is, are we listening? If so, are we taking action and engaging?