Things that Matter from the Trenches: Return of the Phone Booth

For the last several years the open office space concept has become mainstream. An open-plan office space is an office floor plan that eliminates most private offices and meeting spaces. There may be a private conference room or two to facilitate private meetings, but most day-to-day business operates with everyone working in the same room. For inside Sales teams, this approach has helped increase the synergies between team members and managers, foster collaboration, decrease ramp-up period and improve the flow of ideas quicker, reps can brainstorm in a natural way that builds innovative ideas that companies are banking on. On the flipside, the open space concept has negatively impacted the phone activity level of many organizations, the noise level is up, chatter and distractions have also increased. In lieu of the byproduct of the open space, the “phone booth” is making a comeback. Designed to be in close proximity of the open floor, the phone booth provides a quiet, private room for representatives to step out and conduct conference calls with clients, most importantly organizations are providing them to allow reps to conduct dedicated undistracted power hours for prospecting and business development. You can find more about the Return of The Phone Booth, via a posting I made on LinkedIn