The Power of The Morning Huddle


There is a new trend re-emerging within sales organizations, and it’s taking root in the ranks of Sales Development teams within Inside Sales. This powerful habit has been practiced for several decades within sports organizations; it is the power of “The Morning Huddle.”

What is a Team Huddle? It consists of a brief 10-15 minute meeting that is dedicated to very specific, goal-centric and motivational activities. If you’ve adapted this practice, or are thinking about doing so, here are some ideas to make your daily huddle productive, powerful and results oriented.

1.      Rally the team with the goals of the day. Today’s goal will be reviewed tomorrow during the huddle. The team will rally behind the goal and will strive to meet or exceed the goal.

2.      Involve the team. After all, it is a team huddle. Each member of the team will highlight the successes or challenges from the previous day, and the goals they intend to achieve this day.

3.      Make goals visual. Huddles are powerful when you write goals on the board. There is power in putting those goals in writing. Visualizing your goals bring focus, unity, purpose and accountability.

4.      Appoint a team member to lead the morning huddle. Rotating this leadership role weekly, or daily, will help identify new leaders, and will develop leadership skills from new members.

5.      Be consistent each day. At the beginning this may feel odd, or even awkward. But the huddle will soon become a natural part of the morning routine. Members will expect to participate and will look forward to it.

6.      Keep your huddles short. A period of 10-15 minutes is perfect. And staying on your feet can help you accomplish that. I once worked with a team that gave up their longer, weekly sit-down team meetings in favor of a more powerful, stand-up, daily huddle that lasted just 10-15 minutes.

7.      Share your vision and goals. Share the vision and goals you have for both individuals and the team. These goals will largely be tied up to leading indicators.

As you put this practice into play, watch over time how performance, engagement, motivation and results improve and increase within your team. Checking in daily, you will be able to get first-hand feedback on issues the team might be facing. You will more easily see patterns, and will be able to address issues in a timely manner.


Need more ideas for your morning huddle? Do you have something that has worked for you? Please share your ideas, comments and feedback.