Persistence in Sales Development. The Long Game, 8 Tips for Success.

Joe has been in Sales Development for nine months now. He has been experiencing some success and has been able to open doors for the company with some key prospect. However, Joe tends to give up after three attempts with other ideal buyer personas. He feels that if he continues calling, emailing and leaving voicemails, that the client will feel harassed. How can Joe get over this fear and leverage a pleasantly persistent approach?

1.   Make your prospecting approach part of a comprehensive plan. Taking the time to design your prospecting approach into a well-designed cadence will give higher dividends. Leverage multiple channels, including calling, voicemail, email and a well-thought-out social approach.

2.   Be prepared to play the long game. From the onset of your prospecting approach, be prepared to make multiple attempts leveraging your channels. Depending on your industry and your prospect’s level within his/her organization, it will take eight or more touches for a prospect to engage.

3.   Add value to each attempt. If your emails, voicemail, and call attempts are average, you will get average results. Instead put thought into each interaction with a client by following the “show me you know me approach.” Research shows that individuals who are relevant are more likely to engage with their prospects.

4.   Follow your customer’s digital footprint. Many individuals have a very active social footprint. Following your prospects and engaging in a meaningful way can give you the upper hand in your persistent efforts, leading to a conversation with them.

5.   Remember that persistent efforts will be rewarded if you follow a plan. Before leaving a voicemail, try reaching out in the morning or later in the day. Remember, your voicemail is your 30-second super bowl commercial. Show that you have done your homework—write your voice mail, recorded it, listen to it and practice it.

6.   Build credibility by mentioning the reason for the outreach (call or email). One key tool Sales Development Reps can use in their arsenal is their pre-call planning sheet, this document allow each rep to look at the key elements they need to have a successful call, one of those elements is your opening statements.

7.   Leverage automation. There are many technologies available to help you reach your ideal prospect. The adoption of these tools in a well-designed plan will give you higher dividends.

8.   More “at bats” will increase your confidence.  Your persistence will lead to more engagements and conversations, as you do this your level of confidence will increase and your results will make you shine.

Persistence will overcome resistance when following a well-orchestrated approach, and you will be more likely to achieve the outcome you are looking for—engaging the client.