Three Ways to Unleash Your Inside Sales Awesomeness with Better Goal Setting Habits

The year is about to end, and it is a unique time to review the goals you set back on January first of this year, right? I am sure you are ready.

Chances are, you achieved many of the goals you set, and in some cases, you probably forgot about some of them, right around March. Others, you gave them a shot and then gave up, or didn’t pursue them with passion and determination.  With the end of the year soon approaching and a new one just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about your goals for 2018. This time, perhaps, with a different approach.

For athletes, the fall represents a time to train harder, to get into shape from the summer break, and to realign goals and set new ones. For you, this might be a time to hit the reset button and set some goals with a different approach.

Here are three tips for Inside Sales champions to follow:

1.    Focus on Three Things. Yeah! Just focus on three things you want to improve. Then write them down. Think about things that are within your control. How about getting more discipline with the use of your time by avoiding distractions? Or focusing your more purposeful time on prospecting and growing your business? Whatever the three goals are that you want to focus on, write them down. And remember, be specific. For example: I will block time on my calendar to prospect 1 hour each day, or I will improve my outreach by 20%.

2.    Hold Yourself Accountable. Having big lofty goals is one thing, having a focus on execution and accountability is another. What you set for a goal might be meaningless unless you hold yourself accountable. Share your goals with your mentor or your manager, and during your weekly business reviews talk about them. If you review them with someone, you are more likely to hit your goals. These meetings could become your accountability meetings. Look at your goals and see how well you stack that day. On a scale from 1 to 5, give yourself a mark.

3.    Take Action.  You can start today. If you come up short, let’s keep trying, don’t give up. Remember, incremental improvements yield significant results. Oliver Poirier-Leroy, a former national-level swimmer and author of Your Swim Book, said, “Practice is your laboratory. It’s where you go to practice, fail, practice, succeed.” So it is with your Inside Sales and Sales Development goals. Set the goals, go and execute, keep trying, keep calling, keep prospecting, grow your pipeline. Then come back, regroup, review and analyze where you can improve.

You can get a jump-start to your 2018 goals. Give it a try. And when the ball drops on Time Square and we celebrate the new year, you can say, “I’m already ahead.”

You can follow Ivan Gomez, on LinkedIn. Ivan Gomez is the President of NextStage, LLC, a consulting company specializing in all aspects of sales development and Inside Sales implementation and optimization. As an entrepreneur, he advises companies on best go-to-market strategies, leveraging the power of Inside Sales. You can find Ivan at, via, and on Twitter